Arguably the greatest thing to happen in the world of transportation since the invention of the wheel.

Thanks, cavemen!

Unfortunately, cars don’t park themselves. And in larger cities, it can be increasingly difficult to find a place to park your car, especially when you’re running late during rush hour.

More and more buildings are acknowledging the problem and working toward a solution.

Like CirControl, a mobility expert in Barcelona. Recently, CirControl announced a solution for efficient parking at the biggest shopping mall in Gran Canaria:

Parking is a key spot in a shopping mall and Los Alisios in Gran Canaria, which has relied on Circontrol’s solution for Efficient Parking, is aware of this. Most of the customers arrive at the shopping mall with their own private vehicle and park is the first thing they need to do, that’s why having an efficient parking solution is really important to increase costumer’s satisfaction and loyalty and reduce operator’s costs.

Los Alisios Shopping Mall, with a 60.000 square meters area and 120 shops and restaurants, is the biggest one in Gran Canaria’s island. It has a 2.500 parking bay’s car park in which Circontrol’s guidance system and Electric Vehicle charging stations have been installed. These two solutions are part of CirPark Platform that manages all Circontrol solutions for the efficient parking from one site: iPark family, which includes guidance system, counting system and Find Your Car; LedPark family, an intelligent LED lighting system that increases energy efficiency; and EVPark, EV charging solutions designed and manufactured by Circontrol.

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While some companies are understanding the importance of having a safe place to park, other companies are working toward making the whole process easier – including payment processing:

The Village of Romeoville announced the launch of PassportParking®, a mobile parking application that allows parkers to pay for their parking through their smartphones. The app is powered by the global leader of mobile payments for parking and transit, Passport, serving cities and universities throughout North America.

The PassportParking app makes paying for parking more convenient for residents and visitors.

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And if those two major updates weren’t enough to inspire you to appreciate parking, two major companies in the parking industry announced that they will be joining forces:

Amano McGann, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Computerized Valet Parking Systems, a division of Service Tracking Systems, Inc. (CVPS). This mutually-beneficial partnership will pair the leading provider of Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems (PARCS) in North America with the team that has amassed a strong leadership position in the automated valet parking solutions market in the United States.

Known for exceptional, dedicated employees, paired with quality products that bolster revenue and customer satisfaction for their clients, CVPS was a pioneer in the electronic valet parking industry over 20 years ago. They are now the market-leader and will continue to run as a stand alone division inside Amano McGann. CVPS customers will continue to receive incomparable sales and support from the exemplary CVPS team to be led at Amano by Senior Vice President (CVPS) Andy Preas and Vice President of Operations (CVPS) Kurt Fisher.

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Next time you park your car, think about the work that goes into creating that parking structure or parking space. Or be sure to tip your valet.

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